Breakin' Noods

Side image of a plate of Chipotle Mazeman

Chipotle Mazeman

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top view of Spicy Sesame Hiyashi Chuka

Spicy Sesame Hiyashi Chuka

Beat the heat with a chilled Spicy Sesame Hiyashi Chuka recipe. Enjoy a refreshing and spicy meal fr...

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Top view of plate with black-eyed pea ramen

Black-eyed Pea Ramen

As you all know for Black History Month, @ramenbyra created a Southern Twist on Ramen kits!! Simple,...

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Side image of a plate with Shoyo beef ramen pasta and chopsticks holding some of the ramen

Shoyu Beef Ramen Pasta

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Top view of food plate with ramen, tomatoes, steamed chicken, and cucubers

Hiyashi chuka with sake steamed chicken

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Top view of plate with spicy miso ramen

Spicy Miso Ramen

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Close up image of Miso curry ramen on black plate

Miso Curry Ramen

An unexpected twist on a classic favorite, our curry miso ramen will hit all your umami cravings.

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Miso ramen casserole photo with chopsticks holding ramen

Miso Ramen Casserole

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Side view of pesto ramen on a nicely decorated plate

Pesto Ramen

Need an easy and last-minute dish to add to your Christmas dinner? ⠀ Share the holiday spirit and us...

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Mabo Tofu Mazemen on a bowl

Mabo Tofu Mazemen

Japanese-style Mabo Tofu is significantly less spicy than the original Sichuan Mapo Tofu and has bec...

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