Our Story

Image from throughout the history of Sun Noodle
An illustration of Hawai'i and Japan together

It began with a move

From Japan to Hawai'i

Starting from scratch, our founder Hidehito Uki made his way to Hawai`i from Japan's Tochigi prefecture back in 1981. All he had was a suitcase and a noodle machine, but he was on a mission—to bring the best Japanese noodles to everyone. Day in, day out, he hustled, going door to door, giving out fresh noodle samples, and tweaking them to suit each chef's taste.

An illustration of Mr. Uki making noodles

Often Hidehito visited a nearby Japanese deli for lunch, where he met Keiko. The lunches led to something more, a partnership of spreading noodle love far and wide. While Hidehito crafted noodles, Keiko handled everything else, making sure that the whole operation ran like clockwork.

The spirit of


“Hawai`i and its community welcomed us with open arms—with aloha—and we are grateful.”
Hidehito Uki

An employee with a face mask makes a shaka sign for the camera
A picture of the Uki family
Members of the Uki family smile for the camera

Hidehito committed to Hawai'i's rich cultural tapestry by venturing beyond traditional Japanese noodles like ramen, yakisoba, nihon soba, and udon. Sun Noodle proudly serves a diverse array of noodle varieties, including local favorites like Saimin, Okinawa Soba, Chow Mein, Chow Fun, and many more.

Our noodles carry the essence of aloha in every strand, embodying the inclusivity and warmth of our extended 'ohana. Today, we look back from our humble beginnings and celebrate how we have expanded beyond the shores of the Hawaiian islands carrying the same spirit of Aloha.

A graphic of Sun Noodle's 4 locations

Today and Beyond

Sun Noodle's Future

Today, Sun Noodle's reach extends far beyond its roots in Hawai'i, with expansions into California in 2004, followed by New Jersey in 2011 and Netherlands in 2023. This remarkable growth is owed to the dedication and vision of two of Hidehito and Keiko's children—Kenshiro and Hisae—who, as third-generation noodle-makers are instrumental in propelling Sun Noodle forward.

Hisae and Kenshiro collaborate closely to chart a course for Sun Noodle that extends well into the future, envisioning a legacy that spans not just decades, but perhaps even centuries. With expansion firmly entrenched in their plans, these siblings are committed to ensuring that Sun Noodle continues to thrive and innovate for generations to come.