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RESTAURANT Oisa Ramen Pop-Ups

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Image of Moe Kuroki next to a bar

Moe Kuroki is a chef from Fukuoka, Japan and now has lived in Boston over 15 years.

Moe initially came to the United States to study English. She decided the best way for her to learn was to just jump in and immerse herself in the environment where learning is necessity. In three years of her high school years, she met her goal and received the honor of giving speech on her graduation day.

Cooking and hospitality has been always part of Moe's life. She enjoyed family gatherings and dinner parties her father hosted. She loved watching how graceful her mother carried herself while balancing many jobs all at once; cooking, cleaning, entertaining guests and more. She did all of this with such a beautiful smile.

However, cooking was not the craft she pursued. She had two inspiring grand mothers who were artists. It was magical to see what two hands can create. So, she chose a path to become an artist as well. She attended Massachusetts Collage of Art studying metal smithing and graduated with distinction and departmental honor. By then, she was already working as an assistant craftsman at Ross Art Studio, a fine art glass casting studio. She soon was trusted with detailing and making final touches. In 2007, her first sculpture, Jewelry vs. Art was sold at MassArt auction being one of the highest bid work. During this time, she also started working at restaurants as a server to support her art. She immediately felt at home. Multi tasking while enjoying little conversations with guests made her feel so alive.

After few years of embracing motherhood to raise her daughters, Moe realized she missed being in the hospitality industry. But this time she wanted to cook as well. She wanted to share taste of her childhood favorite food, Tonkotsu ramen. In September of 2014, after coming back from Fukuoka, she started experimenting. As she slowly shared her ramen by posting on FaceBook, through word of mouth, she was able to gain interests and support. In two years, she was able to work with Chef Mark O'Leary at Shojo, Chef Youji Iwakura at Snappy Ramen, Chef Ken Iwaoka at Ganko Ittesu, Chef Daniel Bjorquez at la Brassa, and Chef Josh Lewin at Juliet.

Oisa Ramen is a home for Moe. Oisa Ramen is one of her biggest art projects. Oisa Ramen is a way for her to meet and connect to people through her expression.

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