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Visit us at National Restaurant Association

We're excited to be back at the #NationalRestaurantAssociation this year with a fresh new look! Join us at booth #9824 in the Lakeside Center, where you can experience our craft ramen and stir-fry noodles. Don't miss out on the slurpalicious delights awaiting you!

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top view of a savory Southern Barbeque Tofu Mazemen



Sun Noodle team at Expowest 2024

Mainland US

Our time at 2024 Expowest

Thankful to our amazing Sun Noodle team for executing what we planned for and friends in the industr...

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Sun Noodle employee at a grocery store

Mainland US

2024 Japanese Food Festival

H Mart and Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. are bringing back the Japanese Food Festival to 9 states star...

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A bowl of ramen with a slice of lime, cilantro, pepper, red onion and garlic as toppings.

Noodle 101

Welcome to the world of ramen, where every slurp tells a story of tradition, innovation, and pure cu...

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Rasheeda sitting on a stool at Ramen by Ra

Rāsheeda Purdie

Meet Rāsheeda Purdie, Chef and Founder of ラーメン BY RĀ (Ramen by Rā), offering exclusive ramen experie...

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Image of Moe Kuroki next to a bar

Moe Kuroki

Moe Kuroki is a chef from Fukuoka, Japan and now has lived in Boston over 15 years.

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Ivan Orkin eating a bowl of ramen at his restaurant, Ivan Ramen

Ivan Orkin

Ivan Orkin is the founder of Ivan Ramen, a restaurant that serves diner-style Japanese food.

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Recreate resaurant quality dishes at home