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In Japan, we say that “10 years make an epoch,” but 35 years have already passed since I started Sun Noodle in Hawaii.

I believe I’ve been able to reach this point through the desire and passion to provide everyone in Hawaii and the U.S. with the authentic taste of Japanese noodles while being absorbed in my craft each and every day.  My belief that “noodles will be accepted anywhere in the world as long as they’re delicious” is constantly being confirmed.

It’s easy to say that we’ll strive to provide the authentic taste of Japanese noodles here in the United States and internationally. But in the U.S., the climate, the wheat and the water are all different than in Japan. These last 35 years of consistent research and refinement have led us on the path to providing that authentic taste.

Today, at Sun Noodle, our products range from fresh ramen noodles for ramen shops, Hawaiian saimin for local restaurants, cold Chinese noodles for in-flight meals, to yakisoba that you can prepare at home. In short, we are able to manufacture noodles and dumpling skins that meet the various needs and expectations of our customers. From approximately 600 types of products, we produce daily more than 250,000 servings that are used with confidence in their quality and taste.

The past 35 years. The next 35 years. The days of research and improvement will endure. We provide the authentic taste of Japan, but we also aim to improve on it. Please continue to look for the best from Sun Noodle.

Hidehito Uki

Sun Noodle Founder and CEO

Founded: July 10, 1981

Operations: Manufacturer of fresh, tailor-made ramen noodles, pre-cooked yakisoba, udon, Okinawa soba, saimin, Japanese soba, wakana soba, gyoza skins and wonton skins. Importer and wholesaler of ramen soups, sauces, and other products.

Customers: Ramen shops, general restaurants, in-flight meal catering, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, school lunch programs, military commissaries, food wholesalers, and other establishments on the Hawaiian Islands, North America, South America, and Europe.

Total company servings: 250,000 per day


10,000 square feet
100,000 servings per day

10,000 square feet
50,000 servings per day

New Jersey
42,000 square feet
100,000 servings per day


At Sun Noodle, we don’t look at noodles as something you eat. We look at noodles as a way to communicate. When we first came to Hawaii, we didn’t know how to speak English. But we knew how to make quality noodles. Noodles were the language with which we first connected to the chefs and people of Hawaii.

Like any language, the language of noodles has many dialects. It’s interpreted differently by region, by ramen-ya, by chef. One noodle does not fit all. Or at least, it shouldn’t have to. After all, chefs pour so much heart into making their soup, we feel there should be a supplier that tailors noodles to match that heart and soul. Sun Noodle fills this void with tailored noodles.

We feel that when both sides work hard, and you can match unique noodle to unique soup, that’s when chef and customer can connect without ever saying a word.