The Heart & Soul of Noodles

At Sun Noodle, we don't look at noodles as just something you eat, we look at noodles as a way to communicate. When we first came to Hawaii, we didn't know how to speak English. But we knew how to make quality noodles. Noodles was the language with which we first connected to the chefs and people of Hawaii.

Like any language, the language of noodles has many dialects. It's interpreted differently by region, by ramen-ya, by chef. One noodle does not fit all. Or at least, it shouldn't have to. After all, chefs pour so much heart into making their soup, we feel there should be a supplier that tailors noodles to match that heart and soul. Sun Noodle fills this void with tailored noodles. We feel that when both sides work hard, and you can match unique noodle to unique soup, that's when chef and customer can connect without ever saying a word.