About Us

At Sun Noodle, we consider ourselves artisan noodle makers with global reach. We create more than 100 types of noodles, from at-home ramen kits to yakisoba, Okinawan soba, udon, Hawaiian saimin and dumpling skins. Our fresh noodles are tailor made for premier ramen shops and restaurants across North America, South America and Europe; and conveniently packaged for home cooks to explore, craft and slurp their very own noodle creations.

Noodles are our expertise, but craft ramen is our passion. We believe ramen is evolving beyond its roots in traditional Japanese cooking into a dish that everyone can enjoy, no matter where you are in the world. We encourage all noodle lovers to play, taste and craft their own style of ramen with new flavors and fresh ingredients.

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What is craft ramen?

It's the art of making ramen your own, whether you're an at-home cook or gourmet chef. Craft ramen brings your favorite flavors, regional ingredients and personal touch to every bowl. It's entirely unique and deliciously creative, right down to the last slurp.

  • Company Overview


    July 10, 1981




    Manufacturer of fresh tailor-made ramen noodles, pre-cooked yakisoba, udon, Okinawa soba, saimin, Japanese soba, Wakana soba, gyoza skin, wonton skin. Importer and wholesaler of ramen soup, sauce, and other products.

    Main Suppliers

    HFM Foods, Rogers Foods Ltd., Prima Ltd., Matsuya Flour Mills, Shoda Shoyu, Menzu Unoki Factory, Fuji Foods.

    Main Customers

    Ramen shops, general restaurants, in-flight meal catering, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, school lunch programs, military commissaries, food wholesalers, and other establishments on the Hawaiian Islands, North America, and South America.

    Factory Size

    10,000 square feet Honolulu Factory

    10,000 square feet Los Angeles Factory

    10,000 square feet New Jersey Factory

    Production Capacity (per 8-hour day)

    50,000 servings Honolulu Factory

    30,000 servings Los Angeles Factory

    10,000 servings New Jersey Factory

  • Company History


    Company was founded by current President Hidehito Uki


    Production of fresh noodles from factory on Hoe Street in Honolulu, Hawaii.


    Introduction of pre-cooked noodles and started business with local supermarkets on Oahu.


    Sun Noodle HI started to ship noodle products to distributors in California. This was the first step to enter a market outside of the Hawaiian Islands.


    Sun Noodle HI has acquired a 5,000 sq. ft. property on Colburn St in Honolulu, HI.


    Sun Noodle HI completed the construction of a new building and installed an automatic production line for fresh noodles and pre-cooked noodles. This same year, we started to ship products to Vancouver, Canada.


    Two years later, Sun Noodle HI acquired the adjoining 5,000 square feet lot to expand the production line to increase production and to meet demand.


    Sun Noodle HI started to manufacture noodles for in-flight meals for airlines departing from Honolulu International Airport. We also invested in a second production line for fresh noodles and started to manufacture gyoza skins for local restaurants..


    Sun Noodle HI invested in a new production line to make steamed yakisoba noodles.


    In 1999, Sun Noodle HI started shipping noodles products to Seattle, WA.


    Sun Noodle HI invested in a new equipment line to manufacture pre-cooked noodles for customers looking to prepare noodles quickly.


    With the growing demand of Sun Noodle products on the mainland, Sun Noodle CA was established and leased a 5,000 square foot lot to start manufacturing fresh noodles for restaurants.


    In 2005, Sun Noodle CA started manufacturing noodles for restaurants across the U.S. working with distributors to get quality noodles to restaurants as far as New York.


    In 2006, we acquired the famous S&S Brand, a local favorite of saimin products.


    With the production line now set-up to start manufacturing the S&S products, Sun Noodle HI started rolling out the S&S product line for customers on the Hawaiian Islands as well as the continental U.S.


    Sun Noodle CA invested in a 10,000 square feet factory in Rancho Dominguez to increase daily production output.
    Sun Noodle CA started shipping fresh noodles to Canada and South America.


    With an increase in demand of fresh premium noodles on the east coast of the U.S., Sun Noodle NJ is established with a sales office located in Fort Lee, NJ.


    Sun Noodle NJ completes the construction of a 6,000 square feet factory to start manufacturing fresh tailor made noodles for restaurants on the east coast and Europe.

    Sun Noodle NJ partners with Chef Shigetoshi Nakamura to establish Ramen Lab, an education driven program to educate consumers and chefs across the world about ramen.

    Ramen Lab built a kitchen in the Sun Noodle NJ factory where people can come to learn about how to make ramen and see the art and craft of Sun Noodle's noodle making process.